About Me

Raised in Charleston, S.C., I moved to Austin, T.X., in January of 2010 just for fun. After eight years in Austin, I returned to the east coast and am currently living in Charlotte, NC.

I'm a writer. My first published piece was in my 4th grade newsletter at Colt's Neck Elementary. It was bylined. I was hooked. Since then, I've written everything from personal narrative to hard news for print and online local, regional and national media outlets. See My Work for details.

I'm an editor. I silently correct other people's grammar and the red pen is my friend. I've edited newspapers, magazines, book manuscripts, marketing copy, web content, annual reports, resumes, and pretty much anything with words.

I'm an author. My book, Skirt! Rules for the Workplace: An Irreverent Guide to Advancing Your Career, was published by Globe Pequot Press in 2008.

I'm a techie. I know my HTML from my CSS and my SEO from my SEM. I love change, new media, technology, digital strategy, design, my MacBook and my iPhone. Early adopter.